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Information for Moms

I think many of us moms have prepared and cooked what we thought was a delicious, healthy meal for our kids only to hear them say, “Eeeeww, gross, I’m not eating that.” Am I right? Picky eaters! Do you have any in your household??(Full Story)
As a parent, I am always looking for some great, simple ideas for snacks I can send to school with my kids….something that is easy to pack, easy to transport, yet HEALTHY! (Full Story)
It’s great for parents to have close relationships with their kids and to be involved in their lives. But sometimes, parents can become TOO involved and not let their kids figure things out for themselves and learn from their own mistakes. (Full Story)
When many of us moms were kids, we learned about the “Food Pyramid” and what it meant with regards to our daily nutritional intake. The foods on the bottom of the pyramid were ones we could eat a lot of throughout the day, like breads, cereals, and other whole grains. The foods at the top of the pyramid, like fats and sweets, we needed to eat sparingly. Well, the food pyramid is no longer used to teach our kids about nutrition. Instead, there is a new method of instruction called “My Plate.”(Full Story)
According to a study by Common Sense Media, the average amount of time watching TV or DVDs by children under the age of 2 is 53 minutes a day--more than twice the 23 minutes a day that the survey found these children are being read to. And we are seeing this trend continue well into the teen years as more and more teens are spending their free time texting and tweeting.(Full Story)
The 2011 annual Partnership Attitude Tracking Study found that 62 percent of teens who reported drinking alcohol said they had their first full drink by age 15 — not including just tasting or sipping alcohol. And according to the Partnership at DrugFree.org, 90 percent of drug and alcohol addictions begin in the teenage years.(Full Story)
The web site teendriversource.org states that “according to recent research of teen views on driving, teens who say their parents set rules and pay attention to their activities in a helpful, supportive way are half as likely to crash.”
(Full Story)
I think that one thing many of us parents dread as our child gets older and approaches the teenage years is the idea of them DATING! So what advice can we give teens about dating, and are there any ground rules that parents need to establish? Dr. Julie Keown-Bomar, a Family Living Educator at the UW-Extension office in Eau Claire County, offers some advice to parents with teens venturing into the dating scene.(Full Story)
I would bet that most of you have at least heard of 4-H before, and perhaps many of you adults were even involved in 4-H as a kid! 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization, reaching over 6 million youth, and has been around for over 100 years.(Full Story)
Almost all of us have lawn care equipment, such as a lawn mower for example, that gets put away and stored during the cold winter months.(Full Story)
In these months and weeks leading up to winter, not many of us think about the extra care that needs to be given to our TREES.(Full Story)
Do you know what the pH and nutrient levels are of the soil in your lawn? And do you know why it’s important to know these things?? (Full Story)
When people talk about gardening, I think many of us envision lots of hard work! Planting, watering, weeding, and maintaining that garden takes time and patience! But Jerry Clark, a Crops & Soil Educator, explains how even though gardening can be a lot of work at times, it is very good for your health! (Full Story)
It’s springtime and about time to start thinking about getting your garden ready! Jerry Clark, a Crops & Soil Educator with the UW Cooperative Extension office, talks about one type of garden you can grow this season called a “Three Sisters Garden.” (Full Story)