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The inception of Car-Cap began with Tom and Brenda Donohue’s grandchildren Jaxen and Lily. While on road trips, the children would fall asleep in their car seats in the most uncomfortable and contorted body and neck positions. Between Tom’s training as a chiropractor and Brenda’s as a massage therapist, they were constantly troubled not only about the comfort of the children, but also the structural and muscular damage incurred by these poor sleeping postures. There had to be a better way to provide flexibility and comfort without jeopardizing safety while traveling. Thus dawned the idea for the Car-Cap.

Jaxen became his grandparents’ very enthusiastic prototype test subject, and was always excited to try out the latest version. Like most children, it was simple to teach him as a matter of habit to put his cap on at the same time as he buckled his seatbelt. The ease of use also made wearing the cap fun rather than a chore. Because the Car-Cap was designed for comfort as well as for safety, during vehicle rides Jaxen was in no way hindered from typical children’s activities, such as eating, reading or sleeping.

The journey from prototype to finish product has been longer than anticipated. Due to required legal work, patent application, and rigorous crash dummy testing. Material testing was done by Elemental Technology and MGA research. Now the Car-Cap is ready for market. Instead of constantly looking to the rear view mirror to check on your child's safety and comfort, you can keep your eyes on the road with peace of mind. We are proud to introduce the Car-Cap to you and yours!!!!!



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