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Here you will find additional information and interviews on parenting and mom-related topics that don't necessarily fit into a business-sponsored category elsewhere on our Moms Everyday website. But they are still topics that I believe are very interesting, important, and relevant to moms like myself. We want our Moms Everyday website to become a valuable resource for moms throughout Western Wisconsin -- a place you can go to find the tools and knowledge you need through every stage of motherhood. Our goal is to give you as much information as we can to help make your life easier as a mom!

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If you are looking for a fun and healthy activity for the entire family to partake in, (all while benefiting some great local charities), then look no further than the 19th annual RCU Charity Classic!(Full Story)
A group of about fifteen local 10 years-olds are coming together this summer to learn about art and ALSO to experience the importance of giving back to our local community. (Full Story)
One local mom and her 7-year-old daughter are working together to help others in our community. Together they have started a small foundation called "Bella's Books" to donate books to children in homeless shelters in our area.

(Full Story)
Many schools have parent-teacher organizations---commonly known as PTO or PTA. But there is a brand new parent organization just getting started in our area that is supporting our kids in their learning and growing through establishing “connections” between them and others in the community. (Full Story)
It has been awhile since I last wrote. And to be honest with you, part of the reason was because I didn’t have the “perfect” topic to write about. I was waiting for something to inspire me. And yesterday, something did. It was a classic act of ‘mind-over-matter,’…of courage…and of determination. And here it is...(Full Story)
The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome estimates that each year about 1,200 to 1,400 babies die or suffer injury from being shaken. (Full Story)
How many of you would like to show your children what it feels like to give BACK to the local community? And to understand the meaning of hard work, community service, and pride in their accomplishments? (and to literally get their hands dirty while doing it!) (Full Story)
There are different reasons why a couple would choose to adopt a child. Whatever the reason, there are different options available to the couple who wants to adopt. One local mother shares her story.(Full Story)
There have been a few instances recently where I have told someone that I am the hostess of a new “Moms Everyday” show. If there is a man within earshot, I often hear the response, “Well, what about Dad?!”
(Full Story)
It certainly was a ‘techy-kind-of-Christmas’ for many. But with all of these new gadgets to entertain our kids, are our kids forgetting how to entertain themselves?!?(Full Story)
That’s right. I’m sticking up for my favorite holiday—Thanksgiving….which seems to have been getting overshadowed more and more each year by Christmas. Enough is enough. I’m taking a stand.(Full Story)
Halfway to 18. That’s all I can think about as my daughter gets ready to celebrate her 9th birthday tomorrow.(Full Story)
Every spring, my mailbox and inbox are overflowing with information on the different camps and activities available to my kids during the summer. (Full Story)
A person never really understands what it’s like to be a parent until he or she becomes one. (Full Story)
I’m a sucker for a really good, inspirational quote. I have a bunch of favorites on the walls throughout my house. But I saw a quote on the wall at a friend’s house this summer that really resonated with me for some reason. It was a quote by none other than Dr. Seuss himself.(Full Story)
So, how do you feel about twins?!” It was a phrase I’ll never forget, and one that changed my life (and my family’s life) forever. (Full Story)
To many people, the thought of bringing four children under the age of 9 on a cross-country vacation might seem a bit insane.(Full Story)
What do you want to hear from a mom you’ve never met? What would capture your attention? What would make you want to read more? And more importantly, why would you want to listen to ME??! I’m just a mom. “Just” a mom? Is there such a thing? Hmmmm…(Full Story)