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About Us

Courtesy Corporation-McDonald's is a family-owned business that owns and operates 54 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Western Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota, and Decorah, Iowa.
For more than 50 years, Courtesy Corporation has been recognized as a fast-paced, progressive company that places a high priority on encouraging our employees, providing hospitality to our customers, and serving our communities.

At Courtesy Corporation, we’re working hard to be the best employer in every community where we do business. Quality training, solid People First Practices, recognition as an Education First Employer, and opportunities for rapid advancement on a solid career path are the foundation of our success.

McDonald's Courtesy Corporation FAQ

Do you have healthier meal options than just burgers and fries?
McDonald’s offers a variety of wholesome options such as Apple Slices, a range of fresh Premium Salads, Egg Whites, Grilled all White Meat Chicken, and the Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait. We also now cook our World Famous Fries in a Canola blend cooking oil, which provides 0 grams of trans fat per serving, and is one of the healthiest commonly used cooking oils. It’s all about balance, choices, and moderation. We are proud of the variety of choices that our menu offers.

What food vendor do you get your produce from?
We have suppliers and farms across the country who are dedicated to providing us with the freshest possible ingredients. They have to comply with very strict quality and safety regulations, and all produce is checked by both McDonald’s and the USDA. Although we can’t go down the street to the local farmers market, we are proud to work with many Midwestern suppliers such as Great Lakes Cheese, Kemps Milk, and Schreiber. In 2012, McDonald’s purchased 79.4 million dollars worth of Wisconsin agricultural purchases such as beef, eggs, cheese, milk, cucumbers, and cranberries.

What changes is McDonald's making in the arena of health?
  • We have reduced sodium by 12% across our national menu.
  • We are introducing more choices in looking at the MyPlate (Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Protein, and Dairy.)
  • 100% of our Happy Meals come with a side of fruit.
  • We introduced menu board labeling where you can now find calorie counts right on the menu board.

Did "Super Size Me" hurt your business or had it changed the way you do things?
"Super Size Me" did not hurt our business at all. if any thing, it made us realize that we weren't telling our story well enough. Ultimately it inspired us to talk about making balanced choices in presentations, at health/wellness events, and in our restaurants.

The movie does not have a realistic view, as Morgan Spurlock the main character consumes over 5,000 calories and does no physical activity. The average American should consume 2,000-3,000 calories as day.