The Golden Age of Funny

Mike Garrigan

One of my favorite things about watching my kids grow up is listening to, and laughing at what comes out of their mouths. I think the "golden age" of funny remarks is around 7 or 8.

Today my 8 year old Larson said as I was dropping him off at school, "Dad, do you know some people don't even believe in leprechauns?" This comes a couple of months after this beauty, "Dad, do you know how French people kiss? With their tongues."

And I'm reminded of my oldest son Keenan's 8 year old quips. Like one time when we were driving in a storm with bad windshield wipers. 8-year old Keenan is in the back in tears, screaming, "Mom, we're going to die". "No we're not" says my wife. Keenan: "Yes mom we're definitely going to die!!". My Wife Kirsten: "Keenan we're not going to die, you have to learn to be more positive!". Keenan (after thinking for a second) retorts, "OK.. we're going to die, peacefully!!"

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