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About Us

As a pediatric specialist, we can sedate children and complete treatment in one visit in the office.  We do complete exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants as well as fillings and space maintenance.

Goals For All Family Dental Pediatric Dentistry

Our Goals Are Simple:

  1. To get each child out of high school with no cavities more than we see at the first visit.
  2. To have all children get out of high school with a functionally good bite and an esthetic smile.
  3. To have good oral hygiene habits and healthy gums.
  4. To have a good attitude about dental care when the children graduate out of our practice to adult dentistry.

These goals can only be reached as a team - child-parent-dental professionals.  We need each other's support to reach our goals.

Information for Moms

As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to know how to prepare your child for that very first visit to the dentist. What should you say or not say? And, of course, much of it will depend on the age of your child.(Full Story)
If you want to reduce the chance of your child getting cavities, then a couple of things you should consider are having them use fluoride and also having sealants put on their teeth. (Full Story)
I think many of us moms know that we need to brush our kids’ teeth after meals, take them to the dentist, and eliminate sweet, sugary foods to help eliminate tooth decay. But is there anything else we could be or SHOULD be doing to help reduce the probability of tooth decay in our children? (Full Story)

All Family Dental FAQ

Q: When do I bring my child in for the first dental visit?
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a dental home by age one.

Q: Why should we restore "baby teeth?"
Some primary teeth last to nearly high school. From the time they erupt until then, they need to be able to chew food comfortably. They also hold space for secondary teeth to erupt.

Q: What are dental sealants?
Dental sealants are a protective coating that fills in the "groovy" back teeth to help prevent decay.

Q: Should I consider sedation for my child's dental work?
If your child is very young, has multiple cavities, would have difficulty sitting for the time necessary to do the work safely and appropriately and safely, then yes.

Q: What is a pediatric dentist?
A pediatric dentist is a dentist that has at least two extra years or training in growth and development, pediatric medicine, sedation and hospital dentistry and advanced restorative techniques for children.

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