Chippewa Valley Airport Service Helps To Make Your Travel Safe, Convenient, and Affordable!

Many of us fly out of the Minneapolis International Airport when we go on vacation. But it is somewhat inconvenient to have to drive an hour-and-a-half to the airport, pay for gas, pay for parking while you’re gone, and then face another hour-and-a-half drive on your way home. But there is a solution that might make it a little easier for you!

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Lawnmower Rows

Everyone needs to focus on strengthening the upper back more. Lawnmower rows will not only do just that, but is also a great way to get the core and legs involved too.

Heather Hall

Rhubarb Buckle

A buckle is actually a dessert with a cake type batter with fruit mixed in and a streusel topping that "buckles" up when it's baking.

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