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About Us

Blue Hills Roofing and Construction has been the premier roofing company of the Chippewa Valley for ten years. Known for their outstanding workmanship, superior knowledge, highest manufacturer certifications, and care and respect for customers homes, it's easy to see why Blue Hills Roofing has installed over 2,100 roofs in the area.

Blue Hills Roofing FAQ

Q: How do I know my roof system is failing?
There are dark spots on the roof or ceiling due to leaking. Algae has begun to grow on shingles. The shingles are curlingor bending. The shingles are buckling or warping. Shingles are missing completely.

Q: Is metal roofing the same price as an asphalt-fiberglass shingles?
If a metal roofing system is installed correctly with all of the proper components and meets manufacturer specifications, it will be much more expensive than an asphalt roof. Many contractors will cut corners on the materials that are needed.

Q: What are some good questions to ask your contractor before hiring them?
Ask the contractor if they are licensed and insured? Ask if they are certified by the manufacturer that they use?

Q: How do I know if a roofer is certified?
A certified roofer is one that has been trained and tested by a manufacturer who then deems the contractor up to their standards in terms of product knowledge and installation sufficiency. It is important to remember that a licensed contractor Does Not mean they are certified.

Q: Does Blue Hills Roofing offer some sort of financing for my project?
Yes we do! Our financing program is run through GE Capital and we offer four different plans, including one that is interest free if paid in full within one year.