DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent

DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent

I have been using this for years with no issues. I’ve actually received compliments on used diapers that I have sold smelling so good and asking what I used.

If you’re looking for the clothing version of this, look here.

Here’s what I do. It’s cheap and I love it:

More or less, It’s: (this is not exact, since I use the larger recipe below)
1 cup washing soda
1 cup borax
1/2 cup of oxiclean

BUT…. I don’t like having misc. leftovers, so I make up a batch… like this: (It should cost $30, max.)

3 Boxes Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (55 oz each)
2 Boxes 20 Mule Team Borax (76 oz each)
1 Large Tub OxiClean (96 oz)

Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s super cheap to make, so no biggie. It just lasts forever. Or you can share.

**I’d like to make a note about the borax used in this recipe. A recent article by EWG cautions the use of borax for cleaning in the home noting that toddlers and young children face special risks from hand-to-mouth transfer of carpet or crack and crevice, dust or spray borax treatments. I would recommend not using borax as a general home cleaner – any cleaner (aside from pure water) used for these purposes will leave a residue. I feel comfortable using the minuscule amount in the detergent. It is not used on open surfaces and is washed out during the rinse cycle.

You can read a bit more on this debate here – there are some great points of view in the comments.

**I see a lot of people asking where to purchase these supplies. If you are unable to find them locally (I’ve had great luck at our grocery store and others at hardware stores.) you can purchase everything to make this on at reasonable prices and that includes free shipping. They currently do not carry the 96 oz Oxiclean, so you would want to purchase two of the 56 oz that they offer.

This is my current wash routine:
I love this routine. My diapers have no smell and are so fresh. I have also been using an open pail (pail w/ no lid) and that seems to make such a huge difference when it comes to ammonia lingering.

Warm wash with cold rinse w/ 1 tablespoon of detergent
Hot (or warm) wash with cold rinse w/ 1 tablespoon of detergent

I have also done this in the past with good results:
Cold wash/rinse w/ 1 tablespoon of detergent
Hot wash/rinse w/ 1 tablespoon of detergent

If you find that your diapers are not coming clean (smell dirty, strong ammonia, etc.) Try using more detergent and or an extra wash cycle.

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  • by Amanda @The Eco-Friendly Family Location: Ohio on Apr 17, 2012 at 07:13 AM
    I have a post here about selling diapers, you might find it helpful! I would say that the easiest place on that list to buy used diapers is Spots Corner. (link is at that post) It's really easy to navigate, you just need to make an account (free). Just be sure to look up the products new before buying to make sure you're not overpaying for a used item (most wont' be overpriced, but better safe than sorry!)
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  • by Mom of three Location: alma on Apr 16, 2012 at 07:08 PM
    Hello, You mentioned selling your used cloth diapers. Is there a site or place that do that? The cost is up there for new ones but i do understand that. I would love to try a couple before making a large investment. Any help would be great
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