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GO! That is our new motto for families who want to get fit and have fun!  The Rehabilitation Services team at St. Joseph's Hospital is here to give you tips and ideas to keep your family moving towards fitness … it only takes 15 minutes a day.

If you need more individualized care, our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists offer a wide range of services within our hospital for people of all ages and abilities. Check out their bios and photos on and click Rehabilitation Services.


Information for Moms

For those of you who maybe unfamiliar with SPOTS at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls, SPOTS stands for speech, physical, occupational and therapy services. SPOTS is the pediatric therapy program within St. Joseph's Hospital Rehabilitation Services. And recently, SPOTS has completed certification for autism. (Full Story)
After having a baby, many moms are anxious to get back into an exercise program and lose some of that baby weight! But how early is "too early" to start exercising? And what are the best workout routines to get back into shape? What about some moms that may still be experiencing some back pain?(Full Story)
School has started and you may often see kids walking, biking, or waiting at bus stops carrying their backpacks. And sometimes, don’t these backpacks look like they are FILLED with heavy books, sack lunches, and who knows what else they put in there?!!(Full Story)
Many of us adults try to work in our 30 minutes of aerobic or strength exercises a few times a week. We spend time planning OUR workout routines….but what about our kids?! We all know that childhood obesity rates are on the rise, so why not plan a workout for them, too, to develop good exercise habits as they grow into adulthood?(Full Story)
I think all of our children have suffered a bump on their head at one point or another during their childhood. But how do we know if it is ‘just a bump’ or something more serious that requires immediate medical attention? (Full Story)
Calling all athletes out there! There is a new program in town that offers you individual video analysis and training to help you improve in your sport…and to help you prevent or heal an injury!(Full Story)

FIT FAMILY - HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Rehabilitation Services FAQ

Q: I have a child with special needs – do your therapists understand the challenges and unique behaviors of a child with autism?
Widely known in the region as “SPOTS House” our speech, physical and occupational therapists specialize pediatric care and work to build relationships with each child and their family. In doing so, we strive to weave what we believe to be best practice into the fabric of each child's daily life. We help families understand why their child may have challenging behavior, low self-esteem, or difficulty with developmental skills. Using a secure and successful environment, we work with families to enhance their child's development and establish successful daily routines.

Each quarter, the SPOTS team offers a variety of classes, in Chippewa and Eau Claire, specific for helping your child become more active and social, along with other programming to assist in handwriting, sitting still, listening skills, picky eaters and more.

Areas of specialty include: autism, feeding and swallowing, handwriting, reflex integration, aural rehabilitation, apraxia of speech … find the full list of specialties and classes at

Q: I suffer from chronic dizziness that prevents me from being as active as I want to be? Is there a therapy for that?
Yes! Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that addresses complaints of vertigo, dizziness and unsteadiness resulting from inner ear and non-vestibular disorders. Vestibular rehabilitation focuses on evaluation of the patient's functional abilities and positions or movements that provoke the patient's symptoms of dizziness or unsteadiness. Based upon the findings, and appropriate therapy program is designed to minimize or eliminate such symptoms.

St. Joseph's Hospital physical therapists are specially trained and certified in vestibular rehabilitation. We perform comprehensive evaluations that measure: balance, strength, coordination, gait, oculomotor function and blood pressure using the latest technology.

Q: I’m a youth sports coach. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to keep my players safe?
Yes we do. Our physical therapists are actively involved in the education of athletes, parents and coaches about the various preventative and management techniques utilized in managing sports related injuries. Along with the treatment and prevention of sports related injuries our sports physical therapists are able to assist athletes in improving their athletic performance in a variety of ways. We define each athlete's functional strengths and weaknesses allowing for the development of individualize training programs.

Athletes in Motion is a new program designed for middle school through collegiate athletes that focuses on two factors that often lead to overuse injuries and keen ligament injuries – improper movement mechanics and muscle imbalance. Our certified athletic trainer and doctor of physical therapy provides on-on-one instruction for safe movement and increased performance.

Coaches Clinic is twice a year, before the next sport season begins. We bring in area professionals including physicians, athletic trainers and our therapists to provide a free clinic to showcase issues such as concussion management, hydration, proper strength and stretching, taping techniques and more. Go to our website for the next class,, or email

Q: I have been suffering with low back pain since the birth of my child. Are there any therapies that can help me (or what types of treatments would be beneficial)?
Yes. There are several reasons why you could be experiencing back pain following delivery. During pregnancy, your abdominals become stretched out and weak. Strengthening of the lower abdominals and obliques would be beneficial to reduce stress on the spine. Postural changes could be another reason why you are experiencing pain. New moms tend to throw their hips forward as they hold their babies or lean their hips forward to set their babies on their hip, which places more stress on the lower back and reduces the effects of abdominal and glut strength. Pilates is a beneficial exercise mode for both providing core/abdominal strength while addressing correct posture to improve overall muscle strength.

Also during pregnancy, ligaments throughout the pelvis begin to loosen, or become lax, in preparation for delivery. As the pelvis widens or spreads during delivery, structures may not return to their normal position in the spine or pelvis. Manual therapy techniques provided by a physical therapist can restore proper alignment or position of these structures as well as provide abdominal strengthening to reduce the likelihood of future problems.