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MY to ensure timely, effective and efficient sales of all types of real estate through education and experience to allow ALL of my clients and customers to make an informed decision on buying, selling, or leasing real estate.

My clients range from first time home buyers to luxury home buyers and sellers.

Terri Eslinger, Realtor Associate FAQ

Q: Why should we use a Realtor vs. selling on our own?
There are several answers to this question, but today, the biggest reason would be to have an expert facilitate the sale and to help navigate both parties through the complex and difficult process of financing in today’s economy and with what buyer’s or people seeking lending face.

Q: What can I/we do to make our home more marketable?
Again, there are several answers and it is based on each individual property. Some answers might be to increase curb appeal, simple cosmetic fixes such as paint, staging, getting rid of clutter, etc.

Q: Can I test the market by pricing my home high and “see if we get it”?
You can, but there are several reasons this is not advised. If you do this, your home will not compare to homes that are priced properly, your home will not get seen by buyers that are qualified in the price range your home actually belongs in, your BEST offers are your first offers and if your home sits on the market for too long, buyers are aware of this and believe there is something wrong with it when the actual issue was that it was just over priced.

Q: As a first time home buyer, where do I start?
Your very first step should always be to go to your preferred lender and get “pre-approved” so you know exactly what your price range is. The next step is to call me. I will make you a priority and be there to assist you and guide you through step by step for the rest of the complex buying process. If you want to contact me first for a free consultation, I can provide suggestions for lenders and possible lending products that may be available to you.

Q: How much commission do you charge to sell our home?
As an industry, we do NOT fix a specific percentage or rate. Each company has their own policies. You will find variances throughout companies and with individual agents. My policy is to allow sellers to “pick” the commission rate based on the information I provide them during the listing presentation and comprehensive market analysis.

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