Sand Gnat Hat

Before we left for Savannah I asked little man what he wanted us to bring back.

Playing the Mason Rules of Baseball

Mason’s new favorite show to watch in the mornings is Quick Pitch on the MLB Network. If I am not in the room he will periodically come and find me and give me an update.

I Want A Dandelion Too

Leaving for school one morning I noticed a bright yellow dandelion sitting in the middle of the front lawn. I pointed it out to Julia and she ran over and picked it to bring to Big Girl School. Mason caught wind of his sister’s treasure and burst into tears.

Disney, the Ocean and Two Year Olds

Two days before we were going to leave, my wife and I started packing. Before we had kids, I would wait until about 30 minutes before I would have to leave for the airport to start packing.

How Do You Teach Children About Politics?

Having a civil conversation with your children, absent of name calling, and helping them make an informed decision is the first step to help our next generation.

Children and Social Media

We live in the digital age, and the communications abilities we have today are things that many of us – most of us – couldn’t imagine just 10 years ago.

The Will To Want To

Have you ever found yourself knowing and choosing to do well but wanting and desiring to do wrong?

Children Are Sponges

Today I would like to take the opportunity to talk about remembering how our children are sponges.

Great Opportunities

Each day in a Dad’s world creates great opportunities to change the lives of the ones that look up to us the most.

Our Summer Destination

Updated: 04/25/2011 - The Garrigan traveling caravan now has one major summer destination: Roy Gale Baseball Fields. The 6 basketball leagues for my four kids are all now over, so now baseball takes center stage--or should I say center field?

The Golden Age of Funny

One of my favorite things about watching my kids grow up is listening to, and laughing at what comes out of their mouths. I think the "golden age" of funny remarks is around 7 or 8.

Starting Traditions

Updated: 04/12/2011 - The past couple weeks have really been about starting some traditions between Ryder and I. The big change is the introduction of a new bedtime routine.

Accountability Sprinkled with Grace

We held our kids accountable for what they did and didn’t do, but sometimes the consequences could be erased or forgiven by what we called “grace.”

Our Sons' Adventure Abroad

Well, things around our home have certainly been in flux since my two older sons left this past winter to explore the world as young adults.

How Did We Get Here?

Updated: 01/08/2016 - When I first became a parent, a friend said to me, "Pay attention and enjoy this journey, because they grow up so fast, they'll be gone before you know it." The way those words resonated with me I knew them to be true. And , though I believe I lived with that truth in mind, nevertheless, it is becoming reality right before my eyes.

Trying to Work Out

I have to admit that I get extremely tired of those voices in the media telling me that I NEED to work out, that I NEED go running, that I NEED to watch what I eat.

Questionable Language

Few of us are really innocent when it comes to the use profane language now and then. C'mon. You've probably said a little more than "Rats!" when you slammed your leg into that open drawer while trying to put away some socks in the dark.

The Little Bend in the River

Posted: 04/26/2011 - For the fifth year in a row, inspired by Earth Day, my daughter and I will clean a stretch of the Yahara River near our home. We all have those favorite places--special spots where we just feel at ease with the world.

Dad for Life

Posted: 03/23/2011 - "Dad for Life"...that is what you are, when you're a father after all. You don't stop caring for and worrying about your kids--you just worry about and care for them in different ways than you did when they were little.

Finally, An Advantage To Being Colorblind

Most of the clothes I wore during my single years were blue. Marriage helped me expand the wardrobe because I knew I could trust my wife to match the ties and socks with my suits.

The Elk That Nearly Broke The Bank

It seemed like a safe little vacation game to play with the grand kids. We were all on a long car ride to and to help pass the time I came up with a game they could play to earn some money for souvenirs.

Yes, A Snake!

We all knew when we teed off that snakes are indigenous to the area. I just didn't expect to see one face to face.

Dads To Do List

Sometimes families are faced with tough situations. We recently found out our youngest child, Piper, has cerebral palsy.

The Videogame Question

On one of my many adventures on the Internet I read an article that had a bunch of parents commenting about how they’re trying to keep their kids away from videogames for as long as possible—sometimes to the age of eight. Sacrilege, I say!

Report Cards and N/A

We had parent/teacher conferences the other day. Usually my son listens in as the teacher goes over the report card and this evening wasn't any different.

Should that be in a museum?

For a kid who loves the slick production of video games on the iPad, something as simple as a turntable baffles and amazes him.

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