About Us

Wichita currently has 9 neighborhood recreation centers which offer a variety of health and fitness classes along with educational/specialty classes for every age group.

Evergreen - 2700 N Woodland 67204
Orchard - 4808 W. 9th St. 67212
Edgemoor - 5815 E 9th St 67204 688-9392
O.J. Watson Park - 3022 S. Mclean Blvd. 67217
Lynette Woodard - 2750 E. 18th St. 67214
McAdams - 1329 E. 16th St. 67214
Boston - 6655 E. Zimmerly 67207
Linwood - 1901 S. Kansas 67211
Colvin (within Colvin School) - 2820 S. Roosevelt 67210
Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center - 551 Nims 67203

Wichita Park & Recreation FAQ

Q: How do I find out more information about what Wichita Park & Recreation offers?
You can find a hard copy of our guide at one of the neighborhood recreation centers, our website or like us on Facebook. Both websites will have current and up-to-date events and activities posted weekly. You can also call one of the recreation centers to find out information pertaining specifically to that location. All recreation centers phone numbers are listed in the guide.

Q: I missed the first day of class, can I still register for that class?
Yes, call the recreation center to find out if there are still spaces available or if the class is full. If there is space available your recreation center director will guide you through the registration process.

Q: Can I rent any of your recreation facilities?
Yes, you can rent a facility for birthday parties, meetings, weddings, receptions or sports practice. We have both indoor and outdoor facility rentals available. Most facilities offer full kitchen amenities, tables and chairs, along with a building attendant. For more details about rentals and to make a reservation call 268-4361.

Q: Do you have any programs for children when there our in-service days or extended breaks during the school year?
Yes, we offer full day programs at a variety of our recreation centers. We also offer half day drop-in recreational activities at McAdams, Lynette Woodard and Aley Recreation Centers. Contact each center for details regarding these programs.

Q: How do I know which recreation center is closest to me?
You can call our main number at 268-4361 and we will direct you to the closet location, or in each one of our Activities Guides the recreation centers are listed with their address and phone number. You can find our guides online by clicking here.