This week has, literally, been a blur. We are trying to sell our house, trying to buy a house, trying to keep up with the demands of Bub and Teebs, I'm still trying to start my business, and we are trying to make time for everything in our life that deserves our time. But then again, who isn't busy. And even in the mucky middle of all of this busy-ness, there are still peaceful moments.

Moments like this that remind me, I have not one thing in the world to complain about and I have everything in the world to be thankful for.

Last weekend we went to a cousins' birthday party on a beautiful acreage.

Where I fell in love with a horse:

And with serenity. And with companionship.

And the kids, they didn't have a bad time either.

All the kids, from small:

To big:

Because Tom grew up on a farm, I have this sweet little soft spot in my heart for seeing my kids on a tractor, surrounded by country air. And dirt, lots and lots of dirt.

I love it.

And there is that serenity again---In the midst of all of that busy-ness, Bub still got to spend some time at the lake with one of his cousins who is just 6 short weeks apart from his age.

And if that wasn't enough, Bub is enrolled in a gymnastics class and continues to rock at life week after week.

Moments like that, I love, love love. Did I say we were busy? I think I meant we are blessed. We are very, very blessed.

Busy is a blessing, and we are loving every second of it.

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Jessica is a writer and amateur photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska. She began writing after the birth of her second child when she found she needed an outlet for her creative energy. Soon after she began taking pictures, and since has used her blog as a "canvas" for pairing her unique photos with poetic writing. She finds inspiration for her writing through her husband and their two boys.

About the Author...
Jessica Rassette
I am happiest when I'm with my boys (3 of them, plus my husband), writing, taking photos, laughing, or telling a story.

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