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About Us

Physical Therapy services for women, by women. Specialize in treatment for accidental urine leakage, urinary frequency & urge, low back & neck pain, pelvic floor pain.


Palmer Physical Therapy for Women FAQ

Q: Can accidental urine leakage be helped non-surgically?
Yes. Very effective treatment for accidental urine leakage is available at Palmer Physical Therapy for Women. No surgery, no drugs.

Q: Is there help for overactive bladder? Even if I must urinate every 30 minutes?
Yes. Physical therapy can alleviate bladder spasms, which result in very frequent urination.

Q: Can physical therapy help with my bladder problems, even if I have failed previous treatments?
Yes. Palmer Physical Therapy has a different approach to treatment. We focus on the entire body, not just the pelvic floor.

Q: Do you need a physician's referral to see a physical therapist?
No. You may refer yourself to physical therapy. You are free to choose both the healthcare provider and treatment that best suites you.

Q: Can you effectively treat chronic low back pain, even if other treatments have failed?
Yes. We are different. Our approach to care is unique and specialized.