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About Us

Cranmer Grass started in 1953 at 2nd & Anna in Wichita, KS with 5 acres and has now grown to over 1,500 acres in Sedgwick County, Kansas. We are a family business, and consider all of our customers a part of the family. We give you the same quality sod and attention whether you are the groundskeeper for a golf course or a homeowner wanting the best lawn in Kansas. We work hard to grow the best quality Kansas Premium Fescue-Blue in the country. Find out why Cranmer Grass has been “Kansas’s premier turf-sod farm since 1953″



Cranmer Grass Farming, Inc. FAQ

Q: Do you sell turf-sod in small quantities?
Yes, all of our turf-sod is grown in Sedgwick County and harvested fresh every day. Whether your project calls for 1 piece or 100 truckloads CGF can meet your needs. We bring turf-sod to our office daily for walk-in customers needing any amount.

Q: Is there a specific turf that requires less water than others?
There are really two options when it comes to turf in KS; warm season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia or cool season grasses like Fescue. Warm season grasses require less water than cool season grasses to survive, but not by much. The real key to using less water on any type of turf is proper watering. A less frequent deep watering routine will allow the roots of any type of turf to move deeper into the subsoil to build a stronger plant and better uptake available moisture in the soil.

Q: What are the benefits of sodding versus seeding?
Seeding a new lawn is a time consuming project that involves countless variables that can either hinder or help in the establishment of a new lawn. Proper seedbed preparation, proper watering, proper fertilizing schedule, and of course "good ole" unpredictable KS weather. However, when it comes to sodding a new lawn many of the unpredictable variables can be removed. We have performed the leg work of establishing a healthy lawn for the customer and we are simply transplanting a quality turf from our sod fields to their projects.