The Case for a Shoe-Free House

How do you keep all that yuck from the outside world out of your home? Go shoe-free!

Your shoes come into contact with a lot of stuff; chemicals, germs and who knows what else. Do you really want to bring all of that into your home?

A no shoes policy can make your home cleaner and more eco-friendly. It may sound crazy at first, but by taking off your shoes at the door, you’re leaving behind the pesticide residue that was on the grass at the park and the smelly chemicals they use to clean the floors at the mall.

To get started, set up a place by the front door where you and your family can leave your shoes. A simple mat will do or you can use a storage bench if you prefer to keep things out of sight. If you’re not a fan of walking around in bare feet or socks, designate a pair of shoes or slippers for inside use only.

Leaving your shoes by the door is also great during allergy season, helping you avoid tracking pollen through your house.

Before you go shoe-free, it’s important that you get the floors spic and span.

Here’s a homemade solution for your hardwood floors: Heat 5-7 tea bags in a quart of water (avoid the herbal teas, cheap black tea works best) and let the mixture cool completely before mopping.

For vinyl or tiled floors: Mop the floors using a mixture of a half of a cup of vinegar and a gallon of water.

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