Substantial Ways to Save Money

We’ve all heard of typical money pitfalls, like getting your morning brew at a coffee shop or frequently eating out… but we have more substantial ways to save money, found at

The first way is on your house. New home square footage has increased almost 40% since the late 80s. Do you really need two guest rooms and three bathrooms? Consider downsizing.

Another way to save is on your vehicle. Average car loans are nearly $30,000. But do you really need a fully loaded SUV? You can buy a fuel efficient new car for almost half of that.

The last place to actually save money is on your education. College is seriously expensive, particularly private schools. A much cheaper way to go is two years at a community college, and two years at an in-state public university.

About the Author...
Amanda Lanum
Amanda Lanum is the host of MomsEveryday in Topeka, KS.

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