Fun Ways to Use Mason Jars

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Anyone that makes their own jams or cans their own veggies knows what a mason jar is, but did you know there are many other uses for them besides that? Mason jars are made out of thick glass and have a metal top. They are relatively inexpensive, about $10.00 - $15.00 for a dozen jars (even less at yard sales or thrift stores or if you buy in bulk.) An added bonus - they are much better for the environment than plastic, so you can feel good about being “green!”

Mason jars come in all different sizes – you can even find ones with handles. Below are some great ways to use them:

  • Individual Salads - Put the dressing on the bottom and then put lettuce and other toppings (cheese, celery, carrots, etc.) on top of it. Put the lid securely on and shake when you are read to eat – no soggy lettuce!

  • Layered cookie mix - This is a very popular way to use them. Layer all non-perishable ingredients, one on top of each other and put the lid on. Print out your favorite cookie, bread or soup recipe, secure with yarn or twine and give as teacher’s gifts or to a friend!

  • Storage - Endless ideas for storing your children’s “stuff” like beads, paint brushes, crayons and colored pencils.

  • Terrarium - Fill about 3/4 of the way up with sand and then put small shells or rocks on top.

  • Drinks - Make individual lemonades or other drinks, put the top on and put in a cooler for your next party. Mason jars can be used multiple times, so you never have to buy another plastic cup again!

  • To Do Lists - On small pieces of paper, write your honey do list for your significant other or chores for the kids.

  • Baby/Wedding Showers - Place flowers inside (for a beautiful centerpiece) or fill with small candy and give to your guests as favors.

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