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About Us

I've been selling one thing or another for most of my life;  that's why selling homes come natural to me.  I am Hudson Olliff with Whatley Darty Real Estate and I sell residential real estate.  My success comes from identifying and marketing the homes that I sell.  Through these efforts, I match buyers and sellers.  It's about communities and people;  When I can bring those together, it's a perfect match!

Hudson Olliff: Whatley Darty FAQ

How do I know if I can buy a house?
The first thing I tell my potential buyers to do is to call their bank, credit union, or any other lending institution and to find what they have to do to be pre-approved for a loan.

What is my house worth?
One way to find out what your house is worth and or find out what your house should be listed for if you want to sell it is to have a certified martet analysis done. I offer a free certified market analysis. The market analysis gives you a range of what your shouse should be valued at and if you wanted to sell your home, what it should be listed for.

Who typically pays closing costs?
Closing costs are negotiable. The seller will have to pay a few closing costs if it is a VA loan.

What information do I have to give to my lender to obtain a loan to purchase a home?
1. W2's and tax returns for the past 2 years.
2. All paystubs for 30 days.
3. Residence addresses of employers - years.
4. Name and address of employers-past 2 years.
5. 2 months bank and asset statements with all pages.
6. Homeowner's Insurance agent (name and phone number). Refinance - copy of current mortgage statement/coupon.

How long will it take to sell my house?
In today's market in Dothan, AL, the average sell time is about 3 months, but there are a few things the seller can do to help sell their home in that time frame.