About Us

If yesterday’s woman mastered the art of juggling family, friends, and career, then today’s woman has mastered the art of synergistic integration of all that and more. Multitasking is no longer a trendy buzzword; it’s a way of life. And women are the vanguards of the movement thanks to their computers, the Internet, and all manner of digital media.

ChicaLogic™ is an online resource that provides a comprehensive user experience designed by women for women who want access to technological solutions fast. No more searching the Internet for the proverbial needle in the haystack; no more complicated “techie” talk that requires its own dictionary.

ChicaLogic’s product solutions are intuitively created and designed with a woman’s needs and workflow in mind. No hassles, no guesswork; just straightforward and to the point.

ChicaLogic CEO Awarded
ChicaLogic CEO Lori Fraijo Raygoza Honored with 2011 Golden Bridge "Women Helping Women" Award

Cursive Writing: Is It Becoming Obsolete?
Computers, texting, and emails all require good keyboarding skills, and these things aren’t going anywhere. Is cursive writing becoming old fashioned at best, or at worst -- obsolete?

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Protecting Your Child’s Identity Online
Kids are online a lot. While we are careful to keep an eye on them while they surf around, there’s still a one way they can be taken advantage of that you may not even be thinking about:  Identity Theft.

What a QR Code is – and How to Use It
Those funny, square barcode-looking things that are cropping up everywhere are called QR Codes – or Quick Response. You’ve probably noticed them lately on everything from coupons or ads in magazines to signs, movie posters, business cards, and more. That tiny little code can hold lots of information. So how do you access it?