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Keeping it simple through the holidays is what will help you stick to your healthy eating plan. Here’s a yummy salad that gives you a great source of fiber, protein, and even some sweetness that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bar cookies are particularly easy to make since you melt the butter first, and these have a special spiciness from the singular taste of browned butter combined with cinnamon.

This is a healthily indulgent soup, using macadamias rather than cream to bring a delicious rich creaminess.

Stratas benefit from being made up to a day ahead so the egg can thoroughly soak into the bread.

This is a super fast meal to put together, loaded with flavor and good-for-you protein and fiber.

This is a great recipe to make on a Sunday and then freeze for a weekday when you’re in a rush.

Salmon is a heart-healthy food, and it's a lot easier to prepare than you might think.

Peanut butter pairs perfectly with other sweet and salty flavors in this easy candy recipe.

If you froze your leftover turkey, but aren't sure what to do with it, give this sandwich a try.

Hearty mushrooms and spicy argula make this sandwich a satisfying meat-free meal for any night of the week.

Frozen waffles speed up the cook time for this comfort food sandwich.

Sandwiches are a natural solution for post-holiday noshing.

There are easy ways to make the most of your holiday meal leftovers.

Chocolate and peppermint are a delicious combination. Here's a recipe that proves it.

Chicken pot pie is great, but you can also use leftover turkey to make a turkey pot pie.

Leftover turkey sandwiches are great, but a stew is nice and light especially after eating such a big meal.

A simmering pot of hearty soup can be inexpensive, delicious, filling, nutritious and a great meal choice for cool evenings.

Round out any meal with a simple side dish recipe focused on vegetables to meet your nutrition guidelines.

This is the time of year when many grocery stores will put sweet potatoes on sale. Here's another great way to use them!

All the taste of a delicious caramel apple without the sticky mess! (And perfect for your holiday table!)

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