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The need for unbiased advice has never been greater. As an INDEPENDENT financial services firm, we take pride in providing clients with trusted and personalized service. Because retirement and investment planning is a long-term process, we offer continuing support and personal, face-to-face service. We will meet with you at your convenience to help you design and maintain an investment program customized to your individual needs.

Remember, the first step to achieving your financial objectives is to meet with an experienced financial advisor. Your future won't wait. Let Dennis Wealth Management help you to begin taking steps today to realize your dreams for the future.


Dennis Wealth Management, LLC FAQ

Retirement Tips for Women- Tip #1
There is room for both paying down debt and saving for retirement. You don't have to pay down debt and ignore retirement saving altogether. Most of us have heard that we should always pay more than our minimum payment on our credit cards. Using some of the extra for retirement savings can add thousands of dollars to your nest egg.

Retirement Tips for Women- Tip #2
Understand that savings and investing are not the same thing. Savings is money you can't afford to lose while investing allows for periodic financial losses. You should not put money you cannot afford to lose in stocks, real estate, and other traditional investments.

Retirement Tips for Women- Tip #3
Make sure you are involved in your families' finances. According to Fidelity Investments, only 24% of women take sole responsibility of household financial decisions. Also the life span for a women is about 8% longer than a man and 50% of marriages end in divorce. If your spouse or significant other handles all your finances, you can be left to make critical decisions without being properly prepared.