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About Us

Eagle Eye Productions is an aerial production company that produces the highest quality images and videos from above.  We allow individuals and businesses to discover the world in which they live.  Aerial imagery has taken off with the advancement of drone technology and Eagle Eye is on the cutting-edge when it comes to aerial production.  We work with both individuals and organizations to ensure they have the highest quality production of aerial images possible!

Eagle Eye Productions, LLC FAQ

What can Eagle Eye Productions do for you or your business?
We can provide you with the highest quality aerial images and videos possible. Whether it is for your business or an individual project, Eagle Eye can help you with any aerial need you have. For businesses, aerial images are stunning, they attract people’s attention, and are professional looking. Using aerial footage for your business, such as for a commercial or website, helps your business stay on the cutting-edge of technology and ahead of the competition. We also service to individuals who may have certain projects they would like us to take on as well. Also, we have stunning aerial photographs that you can purchase for your home or gift to someone you love. The photos we have for sale include Huntington landmarks and images of West Virginia’s beauty.

Where can we find your work?
ou can check out our website at Here you can explore some of our pages which showcases our work. We have galleries that include pictures from across the state. If you want to purchase one of our photos, you can shop on our online store. You can even book our services on our website as well. We also have an Instagram and YouTube page eagleeyewv.

Is it legal to fly a drone?
The FAA is the federal agency that has authority over the airspace in the United States. There are many laws and regulations drone pilots must abide by such as not flying over 400 feet or flying in certain classes of airspace. Also, to legally use your drone for commercial purposes, the drone pilot must obtain his/her small UAS license. This ensures that commercial drone pilots are using safe, smart, and legal practices when flying. Here at Eagle Eye Productions we are not just certified but we are also insured as well. When you hire Eagle Eye for your aerial shots you can be sure that we are using safe, smart, and legal practices when we fly.

What drone do you use?
We use the DJI Phantom 4 which allows us to take the best shots possible. The Phantom 4 is one of the best drones available due to its versatility and camera quality. The camera on the Phantom 4 shoots video in 4k resolution and takes 12 megapixel photos. Not only does it have an advanced camera, it also has a long flight time, can travel up to 50 mph, and has precision hovering. This drone has all the technology to get the best shots possible from nearly any location imaginable.