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Gillum Sales and Service FAQ

Mike, you been telling us about the new products at Gillum's Sales and Service. What have you been seeing as big advancements in lawn care this year?
Hattie, without a doubt, it's got to be the Cub Cadet Tank SZ! Cub Cadet has developed a zero turn mower with a steering wheel and four wheel steering, really adding to better control and maneuverability.

I thought I had seen that before, a steering wheel on a lawn tractor??
Well you have, but not like this. (Video: from 13 seconds to 28 seconds) Cub Cadet developed a synchro steer technology on their zero turn mowers that allows all 4 wheels to synchronize automatically. It even helps you hold a straight line without overlapping where you've already cut. This really cuts down on time.

But what about the zero turns with the lap bars, why is the steering wheel better?
Ok, here's what makes the Cub Cadet so great. (Video: From 50 seconds to 1:12 seconds) There's a term we use called "turfing". What happens is that on a zero turn mower, when you make a quick turn, one of the power wheels will usually turn up the turf. With the Tank Z where all the wheels are synchronized, you can run down a strip of ground at regular speed, turn the wheel and it triggers the wheels to automatically slow down and actually rotate one of the wheels backwards, like in the video we have here, eliminating turfing.

What about using the Cub Cadet on a hillside?
That's another thing... With normal lap bars, you are constantly trying to correct your direction and fighting to hold the mower straight on a hillside. But with the Cub Cadet Tank Z, you can hold to straight lines even on hills up to 20 percent grade.

That sounds remarkable. Are you still offering test drives to show people how good these work?
Absolutely! Just come on over to Gillum Sales and Service in Cannonsburg and we'll put you on one. You can try it out right there at our store!