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About Us

The Huntington Museum of Art is a fine arts museum that serves thousands of students each year both onsite and through a variety of education outreach programs known as Museum Making Connections.

For more than six decades, the Huntington Museum of Art has been defined by a vision, a vision of bringing the world of art to the people of West Virginia and the Tri-State region. That vision, nurtured by the generosity of museum founders and supporters, has led to the creation of a truly distinguished fine art museum, the largest between Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Richmond. It boasts an exceptional collection, innovative exhibitions and educational programs, a landmark facility, and an extraordinary 52-acre site where art and nature blend in harmony.

Today, visitors enjoy the beauty of glass, particularly that from the Ohio Valley; the wisdom and whimsy of Appalachian folk art; the functional artistry of American furniture and firearms; the serenity of 19th and 20th century American and European paintings; and the intricacy of Islamic prayer rugs. They can ponder the exotic mysteries of Middle Eastern arts; the exquisite acrobatics of sculptures by Calder and Rickey; and the marvels of nature's own canvas.

The museum also serves as a point of growing pride for the state and the region - a dynamic cultural center where art and nature educate and inspire visitors and residents alike. The Huntington Museum of Art is carrying the legacy into the 21st century.

The Huntington Museum of Art is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. The museum is closed to the public Monday. Call (304) 529-2701 for more information. Click here for the calendar of events.

Huntington Museum of Art FAQ

Could you tell us about the Museum Making Connections education outreach programs conducted by the Huntington Museum of Art?
Most people are aware that we offer tours, classes and summer camps at the museum to thousands of schoolchildren each year. However, we have several different education outreach programs that fall under the Museum Making Connections umbrella in which the Museum is going out into the community. The programs that most people are familiar with would be our visits to schools in the Tri-State through Tri-State Elementary and our After School Programs at 11 locations.

Could you tell us more about the other Museum Making Connections outreach programs?
Tri-State Elementary, our oldest outreach program, is close to 20 years old. Our newest program is Arts in Medicine, in which we are on hand at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center at Cabell Huntington Hospital and at St. Mary's Medical Center to offer art projects for patients while they undergo their chemotherapy sessions.

How does the program work?
Arts in Medicine offers the patients a creative way to focus their energy during a stressful time. This program is something we wanted to do for a long time and have had up and running for more than a year now.

I understand that you have an outreach program for teens as well.
Yes. We are very proud of our ArtWorks program which works with underserved teens in our area in which they sometimes create public artwork, such as the sculpture at the Robert C. Byrd Bridge in downtown Huntington; the bright artwork panels on the building across from the courthouse; and six beautifully carved clay tiles set into boulders in Ritter Park. This program increases the self-esteem of the students and helps open their eyes to the creative process, which is so important for future job skills including problem solving.

Could you tell us about the other Museum Making Connections programs?
On any Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. parents and their children in kindergarten through fifth grade can come to Studio 5 behind the museum and take part in our popular Saturday KidsArt program with a different art project each week. Younger children are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a free program thanks to the sponsorship of Cabell Huntington Hospital. You don't have to register in advance and participants can come as often as they like. And, finally, through our Community Events program, you are also likely to see art activities taking place at events such as ChiliFest and Success by Six. This program, like the other Museum Making Connections programs, gets us out into the community and shows how much we are dedicated to improving the lives of children through education.