Address: 911 Third Avenue Huntington, WV 25701 View Map
Phone: 304-522-0887

About Us

Huntington's Kitchen is a community food center, where people come to learn, cook and experience everything that well-prepared food and healthy living have to offer. The facility boasts a fully equipped kitchen that accommodates up to twelve cooking students, and it's a great environment for hosting cooking classes, on-site cooking demonstrations, community meetings and fun, food-related events and activities.

Our mission at Huntington’s Kitchen is simple. We’re here to help prevent and reduce diet-related disease through education about healthy food and healthy cooking. Our goal is to share information with everyone, regardless of cooking experience. Our schedule typically features activities related to:

  • cooking basics
  • recipes & ingredients
  • nutrition basics
  • using local & seasonal food
  • shopping on a budget

We also host special activities for more experienced cooks and diners.

At times, Huntington’s Kitchen serves as a community health center, offering free health screenings for early detection of certain diseases. We actively promote the importance of healthy behaviors to improve quality of life.

How We Started

The origin of Huntington’s Kitchen dates back to the fall of 2009, when international celebrity chef Jamie Oliver came to Huntington for the filming of his Emmy Award winning ABC Television series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” While in Huntington, Jamie created “Jamie’s Kitchen” as a community kitchen that offered cooking classes to anyone wanting to learn the basics of fresh food preparation.  To ensure the Food Revolution would have a lasting impact following Oliver's departure, local non-profit health care provider Ebenezer Medical Outreach stepped in to manage the newly renamed “Huntington’s Kitchen” for the next three and a half years, with more than $250,000 in support from Cabell Huntington Hospital. Over those years, Huntington’s Kitchen provided hundreds of cooking classes to more than a thousand residents of the Huntington/Tri-State area. In August 2013, Cabell Huntington Hospital assumed overall management and financial responsibility for Huntington’s Kitchen. Huntington’s Kitchen is guided in its programming and outreach activities by a Community Advisory Panel.

This is HUNTINGTON’S Kitchen, and your questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please contact us to share them.