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Welcome to Intelligent Mommy™ – a parenting-oriented marketplace that also features coupons and discounts.

Intelligent Mommy was founded by Derek and Jennifer Haake who became pregnant with triplets in 2010. Derek was a full-time student at the time, and the family was on a budget - and knowing that three babies coming soon would be a large financial stressor for the family, the pair got creative.

They bought out a few Goodwill stores, and scoured the existing, bulletin-board websites to find items for their forthcoming three children.   This took a lot of time, researching online, visiting garage sales (normally only to be disappointed that the advertised items were already swooped up), and contacting dozens and dozens of people about baby items that were rarely available, and sending countless requests that were never answered.  After hours and hours and hours of research, contacts and work, the couple accumulated enough stuff to clothe and entertain their new family of five.

After the babies were born, Derek and Jenn set out on a mission to help other families that were in their shoes.  They knew that there had to be an easier way than randomly guessing as to whether someone would complete a sale, there had to be a way to keep their personal email and phone numbers private, and they knew that there were countless parents in their neighborhood that were both looking to buy gently used kid’s clothes, furniture and toys, and families that were frantically trying to store those same used toys, clothes and furniture, and this is how Intelligent Mommy was born.

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Who does Intelligent Mommy help?

Parents & Families

Save money by buying your stuff from families in your neighborhood using our private and safe marketplace. Help a family save money and you can give your child's cherished items new life!


Help your children out by finding them great, gently used kids' items from within their community. You can buy items from other families in their neighborhood and have them shipped!


Many mompreneurs are born each day, and Intelligent Mommy has ways for you to promote your blog, and your stuff in your community and within the Intelligent Mommy network - its easy!!