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Lock Stock & Barrel Gun Shop FAQ

Rebecca would you tell us about Lock Stock & Barrel Gun Shop?
We carry a full line of firearms and accessories. We pride ourselves not in just a sale, our knowledgeable and friendly staff strive for a personal fit between customer and firearm.

When you have people looking for firearms that have little to no knowledge, what do you do?
Although I'd like to find the right firearm for that individual, I encourage them to take the Concealed Carry Class with me first. It is a basic pistol course, designed to help them learn to load, fire and unload their handgun in a safe manner.

So you are also a Concealed Carry Instructor.
Yes, I'm a NRA Training Councilor. Which means I can teach, someone to be an National Rifle Association Instructor in the area of pistol for example. Most of my instruction is for Ohio or West Virginia Concealed Carry.

How long have you been an instructor?
Since 2004 I've, trained several thousand people to handle a firearm in a safe manner. Giving them the knowledge, skill and hopefully the confidence to handle a firearm safely.

What do you like best about owning a gun shop?
I love sharing my love of firearms with others. Helping them find that perfect firearm for whatever they need. But most of all I really love to teach firearm safety. Its more than a concealed carry class, I'm creating confident people and helping them feel safe.