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About Us

Mainstream Services, Inc. is a licensed, nonprofit behavioral health agency dedicated to providing quality services to persons with developmental disabilities. We provide individuals that are mentally-impaired with dignified and empowering opportunities for living. Each individual, regardless of physical and mental ability, has the right to the highest quality of life.

Our Services include: Person Centered Support (Family), Person Centered Support (Agency), Day Habilitation (Site-Based), Respite, Supported Employment, Service Coordination, Therapeutic Consultation, and Behavioral Support Professionals.

Mainstream Services, Inc. FAQ

What is Mainstream Services?
Mainstream Services is an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities waiver provider agency. We provide daily skill building and maintenance for individuals in a Day hab. and ISS setting.

What are Service Coordinators?
Service coordinators ensure that a client’s needs are met though all realms of their life. We ensure that the client is receiving all the services they are eligible for and assist the family and client in gaining or maintain those services.

What would you like viewers to know about Service Coordinators?
That we become attached to our client’s. We go out into the homes at least once every month, and do day hab. visits at least every of month. We will do whatever the family or the client needs to ensure their lives are being lived at the fullest potential. We can always be reached to assist whether that need is advocacy with a school board or with an IEP, assistance with paying bills, or finding placement with a program.