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McDonald’s of the Tri-State area is comprised of 93 restaurants in eastern Kentucky, southeastern Ohio and central and southern West Virginia.  Ninety-nine percent of the restaurants in this area are independently owned and operated by local franchisees.  Get up to date information on McDonald’s of the Tri-State by following on Twitter, @McD_TriState.    

McDonald's USA, LLC is the leading foodservice provider in the United States serving a variety of wholesome foods made from quality ingredients to millions of customers every day.  More than 80 percent of McDonald's 14,000 U.S. restaurants are independently owned and operated by local franchisees.  For more information about McDonald's visit

McDonald's of the Tri-State FAQ

McDonald’s announced some big changes to the Chicken McNuggets. Can you tell us about that?
The new Chicken McNuggets have no artificial colors, flavors and now no artificial preservatives. Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s are made with 100% white meat chicken. We understand that our customers want food they can feel good about eating. People care about their food and what goes into it now more than ever.

We know that Chicken McNuggets are one of our most popular menu items and this recipe change ensures that we’re keeping the same great taste customers know and love while taking a step toward delivering on our customers’ expectations.

What prompted this change at McDonald’s?
McDonald’s is on a journey to improve the quality of its food and we understand that change takes time, especially for food industry leaders at our size and scale. We know our customers want food they can feel good about eating and the new Chicken McNuggets are a step in the right direction.

When can customers get the New Chicken McNuggets in local McDonald’s restaurants?
We began serving our NEW Chicken McNuggets in restaurants around the country earlier this summer, with final completion in all restaurants Monday, August 1. Many customers may have already had our new Chicken McNuggets and haven’t been able to tell a difference.

Customers can enjoy the familiar Chicken McNuggets taste, now with no artificial preservatives.

What other steps is McDonald’s taking to make meaningful changes to their menu items?
Over the past 18 months, we have accelerated the pace of changes to our menu that our guests can feel good about. In March 2015, we announced that we are sourcing milk from cows not treated with rbST, an artificial growth hormone. In June 2015, we announced our commitment to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 in the US and Canada and, in this month, we’ve also announced the removal of high fructose corn syrup from our buns across the menu.

What kind of impact do these changes have?
The changes that McDonald’s has made in the past 18 months along with the changes to Chicken McNuggets, affect nearly half of the national McDonald’s food menu.

We’re pleased with these changes but realize that as part of our food journey, and as industry leaders, we still have more to do. McDonald’s is evaluating ingredients across our national food menu to identify ways to make changes for the better, while maintaining the great taste our customers know and love.