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About Us

Take a walk with us back in time to September 5, 1931.

The Paramount was one of the first transitional theatres built for "talking pictures" and was to be a model theatre for others around the country to showcase films produced by Paramount Studios. The Depression, however, soon changed the course of events for this wonderful lady. Paramount wanted to scrap the project altogether. The plans were picked up by an Ashland-based company with Paramount craftsmen providing the interior furnishings - and the building was then leased to Paramount Publix Corporation. Because of the change in plans, the original design was scaled back by one third. Had the depression not caused a redesign, the Paramount would actually be three times as large! In 2001, Mike Myers of Ashland reported that the original general contractor was Wade Gates of Ashland. Gates secretary, Marie Duncan, provided this information.

Paramount Publix Corporation had original plans to build one "perfect movie house" in every state of the union. Fortunately, our theatre, as well as a few others were completed by Paramount before the Depression altered this plan.

The Paramount Theatre has been preserved and restored with many of its original fixtures and furnishings, so that as you walk through the brass entrance doors today, it would be as much the same as if you were there that September night in 1931.

Paramount Arts Center FAQ

You've been at the Paramount for 6 months now, what has surprised you most?
1) The enthusiasm of the public across the tri-state for the Paramount's events.
2) The dedication and support from so many - from volunteers to donors - who have enabled the Paramoun't growth and success.
3) The range of public attending - from children to young adults to seniors. The Paramount truly touches everyone in our region

We've heard some exciting buzz about the Paramount's upcoming season. What can you tell us about what's coming this fall?
It will be the biggest season people will have seen at the Paramount in many years. 25 mainstage events, 20 youth education performances and 8 Paramount Players shows. We're expanding not only the number of visiting artists -but also the range - to have events for young adults and families in addition to our core audience. Shows will range from pops artists like Colbie Caillat and Brian McKnight to Broadway musicals and spectulars like Cirque Ziva - direct from Broadway - and TV's Masters of Illusion and comedy from Brad and Collin of "Who's Line is it Anyway? And our award winning Paramount Players will be staging productions from CATS to White Christmas to Singin' in the Rain - complete with rain onstage!

When do tickets go on sale?
Our subscription campaign will begin on July 6. You can order tickets via our website - or via our new ticket phone: 606-324-0007 or by stopping by our box office, Monday- Friday.

You've hinted at other exciting developments at the Paramount. Can you tell us about those?
We've made a number of changes to make the Paramount more welcoming this season New this season:
- Patrons can create your own series by choosing any 5 events in our season.
- New discounts for subscribers and groups
- Consistent curtain times - with all evening performances at 7:30 pm
- We've lowered ticket fees for all patrons - and cut internet fees in half, to make it easier to buy tickets online
- We're lengthening our box office hours - to make it more conveneint for people to buy tickets at the theatre, too.

In addition to seeing stars at the Paramount - are there other ways our viewers can participate?
- People of all ages - from children to adults - can audition for or serve backstage in Paramount Players productions
- Teachers can bring students to our Youth Education Series.
- Supporters can become members - or sponsor performances.
- Anyone from 18-80 can volunteer. We value our volunteers - from ushers to greeters and will be recruiitng soon for fall event ushers - who get to see shows free!