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About Us

The Scioto County Career Technical Center provides career technical training for high school students and adults--offering over 30 full-time secondary and post-secondary programs that leads to earning an industry recognized credential.

Scioto County Career Technical Center FAQ

What is occurring at the Scioto County Career Technical Center?
-Just started secondary school year
-Enrollment is up for secondary
-17 full-time secondary CTE programs on- site
-15 secondary satellite programs
-Vocational Agriculture is a new secondary satellite program
-Post-secondary beginning another year
-Continuing to expand consultative programming for the market place

What is career technical education?
The old term for career technical education is vocational education. In Ohio, it is delivered through 49 JVSDs and several other comprehensive high schools and community colleges. Generally, in southeastern Ohio career technical education provides:
-hands on learning
-skill set development
-meeting the needs of workforce as it applies to OhioMeans Jobs and Jobs Ohio

What are your partnerships?
We are blessed to be central to many developments and have great relations with 12 comprehensive feeder schools, Southern State Community College, local business, industry, agency and economic development. Currently attempting to deliver our workforce numbers and our trainings to assist and attract business and industry.

What is the Return on Investment for your students?
-Dual enrollment
-Associate degree programming
-Job placement
-A general school day which provides tools and other daily living and soft skills to all students.