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About Us

You can’t just stop once you try Scragglepop®!

ScragglePop Kettle Corn was founded in the summer of 2008 by husband and wife Dale and Stephanie Scragg. Their goal was to deliver a product that was not only delicious, but also a lot of fun! No one can resist the addictive taste of sweet and salty kettle corn! When ScragglePop first came into existence, Dale and Stephanie committed to being honorable business owners by serving people with respect and efficiency. ScragglePop operates under strict health codes concerning cleanliness and safety. All of the equipment used is able to pass any regions health inspection.

ScragglePop is available for any function that you believe would enjoy kettle corn. Some of the places that you may see ScragglePop's red tent include festivals, car shows, old-fashioned days, concerts, church functions, and other large gatherings. They can also be seen at Marshall University's sporting events including the Thundering Herd's basketball and football games. They are also the kettle corn vendor of Big Sandy Superstore Arena and can be seen at all Big Sandy's events and concerts. Wherever people like kettle corn, we'll be there.

ScragglePop Kettlecorn FAQ

How did Scragglepop begin?
Scragglepop® Kettle Corn was founded in Huntington, WV in 2008 by Dale & Stephanie Scragg. They began to pop at local events with an excellent recipe and stellar name, they began to become a staple around Huntington events. Soon a partnership was made with Kevin and Leesa West to provide management and leadership. From that point, the families have embarked on many new endeavors including wholesale, fund-raising and multisite events.

Where can I find Scragglepop?
Wholesale has made it available at many local grocery stores.

Events held at Big Sandy Arena, Marshall University football and basketball games. Also, Charleston Civic Center and University of Charleston events.

You can also call 304 751 6271 or visit our website to order.

Does Scragglepop do fundraisers?
Oh yes. We supply all the forms and catalogue info that you would need to make your school functions, youth groups, sporting teams a huge success.

Does Scragglepop have anything special for the holidays?
Every year we offer beautiful decorative holiday tins that are perfect gifts for co workers, employees, teachers and whoever enjoys Scragglepop. We also have the capability to place your logo directly on the popcorn tin.

How can you and your business help moms?
Scragglepop is completely Gluten free and is made with no nut products which is always a huge help to mothers of children with allergies. Also, Scragglepop partners with the YMCA sponsoring sporting teams each year to help enrich community life. The fundraising and tin opportunities are great ways to help local schools as well as help busy moms shop for the Christmas season. Many mothers purchase our tins for their children's teachers and classmates for Christmas.

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