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About Us

Custom Hardwood Doors, Stairs & Flooring, A History Of Growth And Quality Craftsmanship.

Manufacturer of handmade hardwood doors and solid oak doors.  Crafted specifically for each individual order. Tim’s Wood Shop can produce all types of solid doors for any home or building, including:

•Solid entryway doors
•Exterior solid doors
•Interior oak doors
•Many more!

We can produce the finest molding and solid wood raised panels available anywhere.

Tim's Woodshop FAQ

Tim, for all the viewers that are still not aware of your product, tell us what you have here…
What we have here is what we call ecofriendly firebricks. They are actually sawdust compressed into a brick form weighing about two pounds. Each brick measures 2 ¼ x 4 x 6” long. At Tim’s Woodshop we manufacture doors, trim, stair parts and hardwood flooring. We take the sawdust from this process and blow it into a machine that is designed to compress it into what we call an ecofriendly firebrick.

Can this product be used in the place of regular firewood and if so what are the advantages of firebricks over regular firewood?
Good question! There are actually advantages, 1st – extremely high in BTU – very similar to coal. We make these bricks out of 100% white oak. Since it is kiln dried and compacted into an extremely dense brick the BTU’s are extremely high. 2nd – They have an extremely low ash content. Since they are made from a by-product of our wood process there is no bark in these bricks at all – most of the ash in regular firewood does indeed come from the bark itself.

Since they are so high in BTU’s are they safe?
Absolutely! Although I strongly advise that you experiment in moderation. Since they are made from kiln dried white oak they are virtually creosote free making them in many ways actually safer than regular firewood.

Since they are so hard, is there a glue or binder that actually holds the sawdust together?
We use “NO” glue or binder whatsoever. They are 100% natural. Each piece of dust is irregular and when subjected to extreme pressure they actually bind themselves.

Are they cost effective compared to regular firewood?
Absolutely. We currently have them stored in a warehouse that may soon be sold, and if so, we will have to move them quickly. Therefore, no and while quantities last we are reducing the price from $215 a ton to $150 a ton…