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About Us

Our business helps the handicap and elderly with "Stay In Your Home Solutions".  We  make it possible for our customers to live safe and independent lives by remodeling and replacing any obstacle which could stand in their way.  Your source for elderly and handicap bathroom accessible remodels.

Tri-State Mobility FAQ

Tri –State Mobility says it offers “Stay in your home BATHROOM solutions.” What does that mean?
The potential for falls while showering or bathing is a major issue for folks who suffer from disabilities involving their mobility. It creates such fear that sometimes that is even the deciding factor in them leaving their home and moving in with relatives or to an Assisted Living or Long Term Care facility. We offer a line of products that allows them to stay in their own home and feel safer and more secure with the process of bathing. In many cases it allows them to bath more independently and with more privacy.

How does someone go about getting more information about some of these products?
Most of the time the process starts with a simple phone call. From there I go out, completely free of charge, and sit down at the kitchen table with the customer and we discuss what their concerns are. We go over where they are having issues in the bathroom and what their budget is. The important thing is we want to spend enough time with the customer to be sure their questions are answered completely and they feel comfortable with the choices. I always try to stress to each customer that there are no stupid questions when it comes to their safety or to remodeling in their house.

You mentioned that you have a line of products that will allow people to stay in their own homes. What are these products?
We have a line of products that will fit most any budget. The least expensive and least extensive option is a tub conversion kit called a Safeway Safety Step. This basically makes an entrance in the side of the tub that decreases the step in from 18 inches down to about 6. No other remodeling of the tub is required. Then we have the Walk – in Tub or Roll – in shower depending on the needs of the customer. I have found that a lot of people go ahead and make other safety and mobility updates to their bathrooms at the same time. For example they have us install an ADA height toilet with safety rails, change out the vanity to a pedestal or wall mounted sink, add grab bars and redo flooring and lighting.

Once a decision is made to have a bathroom remodeled, how long does the process take to get the work done?
Depending on the options selected the remodeling can take from a day to a week or less. If the customer selects the Safeway Safety Step it can be installed in half a day. We usually see customers that make the decision to have a more extensive remodeling done on their bathroom. In that case we may need at least a week to complete the work.

I see you have a scooter sitting here. What does this have to do with bathroom solutions?
I brought this to let people know if they purchase a Walk – in Tub or Roll – in Shower from us before July 31st they get this scooter free. It is just one more way we are trying to help folks meet their mobility needs and stay active and safe in their homes and community.