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We all want to look and feel our best. At ULTIMATE Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Ben Moosavi and his experienced team want to help their neighbors in the Tri-State and surrounding region do just that. Whether clients aim to rejuvenate their appearance, make adjustments to their shape, or feel whole and beautiful again after surviving breast cancer, they can trust that Dr. Moosavi's team members will do everything in their power to help them make sound, educated decisions to meet their goals. As a double-board certified surgeon, Dr. Moosavi believes educating patients about their options is paramount, along with discretion, safety, and his patients' comfort and happiness with results.

Please explore our website to learn about his offerings, and feel free to call or visit his office at HIMG in Huntington, WV. Dr. Moosavi and his team will be happy to talk with you about the latest and most effective procedures for the look and the confidence you need to walk out your door each day feeling amazing.


Ben Moosavi M.D.

Ben MoosaviSince establishing Ultimate Plastic Surgery in 2013, Dr. Ben Moosavi has earned a growing reputation for not only providing safe, top-notch care in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as aesthetic treatments, but for doing so with respect and compassion.

With a comfortable office suite and spa located at HIMG Regional Medical Center, Dr. Moosavi brings a wide breadth of expertise to his practice, having double board certification from both the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  He completed one of the most prestigious plastic surgery fellowships in the world at Emory University, after undergoing a rigorous education in general surgery, including the finer points of excellent patient care, at Marshall University.  Read more on Dr. Moosavi here  and meet the rest of our team here!


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Ultimate Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at HIMG FAQ

Dr. Ben Moosavi is a board certified plastic surgeon who wants the best results and experience for his patients. Dr. Moosavi, thank you for coming today! You are the first in the area to bring this new technology to help these women. Can you give us an introduction to what the DIVA treatment is?
We are always using laser treatments for the face in terms of rejuvenating, bringing new blood flow and rebuilding collagen to the skin. The DIVA treatment is a non invasive laser technology that has now been applied to the vaginal area to improve patients function, patients sensation and even mild urinary incontinence. The DIVA treats intravaginally helping with lubrication, tightening of the vaginal canal after pregnancy, improving sensitivity that can enhance sexual intimacy. Some women have urinary leakage when they jump, laugh, cough…. It happens with so many women and we haven't had a treatment as predictable as we do now. The DIVA is a great in office procedure that takes only a few minutes and patients are able to be back to work the same day.

Who are these women that are typically coming to The Feminine clinic at your office for treatment?
Most often these women are patients who have had children, patients effected by menopause and patient who have had Breast Cancer and other cancers who are menopausal due to their treatment. They are experiencing these symptoms and there’s not really much they can do about them shy of creams, pills and much larger scale….an operation.

But here now with vaginal laser treatment we are giving women a little more opportunity to get what they had back?
Yes, We are finding that patients are regaining their confendence, regaining there ability to enjoy activities and its just making a huge difference to lives of patients who have had this procedure.

Denise Russell is Dr. Moosavi’s Nurse practitioner and I understand you are the one who generally does the actual treatments. What’s a little bit of your background and why are you so passionate about the DIVA?
I worked in the oncology department at Himg for 6 1/2 years and I would see patients that had been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer and have struggled with a lot of these feminine issues. Unfortunately a lot of patients who have been through breast cancer treatment are advised not to take hormonal therapy due to the risk of the cancer coming back. Prior to the DIVA treatment there were little to no options to patients dealing with these symptoms. I’m excited to provide a treatment that is both non hormonal and non surgical. This new technology is really a game changer.

What can the patient expect when they come in for the procedure?
The procedure actually takes place in our spa room. We make it a priority to make this experience very private and relaxing for the patient. When they come in we will immediately bring them back so they aren't waiting in the lobby nervous and uncomfortable. I will go over the process with the patient and answer any questions they have before getting started. after a short period of topical numbing, we perform the treatment which only takes 5 minutes or less. Little to no discomfort throughout and after the procedure

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Financial - Dr. Moosavi and his fellow professionals at ULTIMATE Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are honored to be able to offer the latest and most effective techniques for helping their patients look and feel incredible.

To do so while ensuring safety, maintaining the highest standards of quality and providing an excellent patient experience, the practice must have financial policies in place.  Read more here!