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About Us

Unger Shoe Store was founded in 1937.  It's the most customer service oriented shoe store you'll ever visit.  We specialize in helping customers find a perfect fit, and in many cases take away the pain from poor fitted footwear.  We carry the best brands in the industry and have a team of Board Certified Pedorthists on staff.

Unger Shoes FAQ

Birkenstock, a name that many of us are familiar with, can you tell us a little about them?
Absolutely. Birkenstock is most famous for its sandals with arch support, specifically the "Arizona", which is a very iconic Birkenstock style. However, Birkenstock has greatly expanded its product offering to include shoes, boots, arch supports and much more.

So what makes Birkenstock so famous?
Pure Comfort! The Birkenstock footbed has many great features. The Footbed is #1 – it’s firm and supportive yet the cork/latex base will conform to the shape of each individual foot as they are worn, eventually making them custom to your feet. #2 is the four arches in the footbed which ensure even weight distribution and proper posture. #3 is a deep heel cup which cradles the heel and keeps natural cushioning under the heel bone and #4 is there is more toe room which allows toes to move naturally, promoting better balance and proper foot alignment.

But the footbed seems hard?
For those who need a little more cushioning, Birkenstock also makes the soft footbed. This is an extra layer of cushioning foam inserted between the natural suede footbed liner and the layers of cork just below. So very soft and comfortable!

"Feet Hurt?  Heel Pain? Get the shoe perfectly fit for YOUR foot!"