Bring on the Life

Bring on the Weekend, Bring on the Life

Little victories this week? They are countless, but among them, Teebs started wearing shoes.

He is a stubborn little man, with toes that like to wriggle freely in air of any temperature. And for the entire 15 months of his life he has kicked and scraped every shoe and sock off of his foot, but for some reason now he has decided they are ok. Only sometimes. Only for little bits of time. But for those tiny slivers of time, they are ok. And that is a little victory.

Last weekend we tried to chase a steamy train for Bub. At the last minute he decided he wasn't afraid of its loud whistle and he needed to see it so we piled into the truck and raced down the highway only to see it as it pulled away, down the track, to another destination.

Bub was still happy. So nothing could stop us from having a quick photo opportunity with Teebs.

Because if there is anything I love, it is oldness and history and small town charm.

And crackled paint and red bricks.

And things that have seen more, and felt more, and been there more, than me. And what is better than that?

The only thing better than that is all that we have to look forward to this weekend. We have family and birthday parties and photo shoots and sleepovers. We have life to look forward to this weekend. Just like every weekend. And every day.

So happy weekend. Bring on the weekend, and bring on the life. Little victories and big victories, we are ready for more.

We are ready. Bring on the life.

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Jessica is a writer and amateur photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska. She began writing after the birth of her second child when she found she needed an outlet for her creative energy. Soon after she began taking pictures, and since has used her blog as a "canvas" for pairing her unique photos with poetic writing. She finds inspiration for her writing through her husband and their two boys.

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Jessica Rassette
I am happiest when I'm with my boys (3 of them, plus my husband), writing, taking photos, laughing, or telling a story.

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