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About Us

Located in Charleston, WV, Stewart & Thaxton is the home to Dr. Andy Stewart and Dr. Jeff Thaxton. With over 40 years of experience between the two, Stewart & Thaxton strives to give each patient the one-of-a-kind care and time they deserve. With cosmetic and medical patients alike, the patients' safety, satisfaction, and concerns are our top priorities. With our talented and educated care staff, our Certified Aesthetician, and our professional office staff, your experience with our office will be unmatched. You can trust our doctors and staff to make you look and feel better than ever. We pride ourselves in complete care, from your first phone call to your last post-surgical follow-up visit. Call 304.925.8949 to make your first step to a happier, healthier life.

Stewart & Thaxton FAQ

Q: What will my recovery time be?
Recovery time varies from woman to woman and from surgery to surgery. For a breast augmentation, most women are back in the swing of their daily lives within 1-2 weeks, and many are back to work within seven to ten days. For a tummy tuck, the recovery is usually a little longer, more in the range of 4-5 weeks, with most women heading back to work around the beginning of the third week. Keep in mind, recovery is different for every person. These are just averages we see with our patient population. The best thing to keep in mind is following doctor's orders those first few weeks so as not to push your body too soon, which can cause your recovery time to be unnecessarily extended.

Q: What kind of a scar will I have?
Each surgical procedure we perform will come with its very own scar. The size and location of the scar depends on the type of procedure you have. We strive to make scars as small as possible and as well hidden as we can. However, scarring is inevitable with surgical procedures and you should be prepared for some amount of scarring. When meeting with us during your consultation, we will talk to you about scarring and what to expect with the particular procedure you have chosen. If you have ever had a surgical procedure before, take a look at that scar. For most people, previous scars will be a good indication of how your scars will turn out with future procedures.

Q: How many/how often are these procedures done by the physicians?
Our physicians perform all of our offered procedures on a regular basis. Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), and Liposuction are our most commonly performed procedures and happen multiple times a week in our facility.

Q: Will I see the same physician each time I come in?
Yes, you have the choice from the beginning to see the surgeon you feel most comfortable with. Both Dr. Stewart and Dr. Thaxton are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, have excellent reputations, and have spent many years in the field both in and out of West Virginia. In addition to the other general plastic surgical procedures we perform in our offices, Dr. Thaxton also has a special interest in breast reconstruction. He works in partnership with the best general surgeons in the area to help women who choose immediate reconstruction as part of their breast cancer treatment plan.

Q: Where will my surgery take place?
Nearly all of our cosmetic cases take place in our on-site surgical suite. You will arrive at the specified time for your procedure and will be released to a responsible adult to go home the same day. We offer a comfortable waiting area for your loved one to relax in during your procedure and a private rear entrance for your post-surgical discharge. You may also feel free to use that entrance for your first few follow-up appointments for added privacy during your initial recovery period. If the physician feels the patient should have care for a longer period post-operatively, or in the case of medical necessity, we will perform those cases at one of three local hospitals - St. Francis Hospital, Thomas Hospital or CAMC Teays Valley Hospital. The location of your procedure will be identified at your initial consult; however, it is important to point out that most all cosmetic cases are done at our facility.