Coupons: Staying Organized

If you're not staying organized with your coupons, you could be wasting not only a lot of time and energy, you're wasting money too!

Pick a time and a day that you can take time out to clip and file so that it’s done. Preferably right away on Sunday or Monday if possible. If you don’t, you’re going to miss out on coupons that you didn’t know you had.

I don’t always follow my own advice, however. ;)

My clipping method is to clip all coupons and put them all in baseball card sleeves so that I have access to them whenever I need them. Well today I found a whole stack of coupons that I had clipped out a few weeks ago and put in a file so that I could sleeve at a later date. Except that I forgot about them probably as soon as I put them there. I was looking through them and was just grimacing at the coupons that were there. Some had expired. Others were the ones I couldn’t find that I needed for match-ups last week!

Now, were these things that I was in dire need of that we can not live without? No. However, part of couponing is that you do sometimes buy things to stockpile. Basically buying extra of an item now at a lower price so you don’t have to buy it later at full price. The other issues are: 1. I spent money on the Newspaper so I’d like to use the coupons and 2. I spent a lot of time clipping all of the coupons and now some of them have expired. I wasted my time, energy and my money on coupons that I didn’t get to use. All because I wasn’t organized.

Keeping your coupons organized can also help you make match-ups on the fly too. I always bring my binder with me in the store and if I have all of my coupons clipped, sorted and organized, finding the right coupon is so easy!

So…another lesson learned!

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