How Parents Can Become The “Right Influence”

MJ Corcoran, Certified Parent Coach & Educator

This article, entitled "How Parents Can Become The 'Right Influence,'" is presented by Anheuser-Busch.

Teens are often confronted with decisions about alcohol, and a new report reinforces that parents are the number one influence on teens’ decisions about it. Added to that, a survey by market research group GfK Roper shows a 27% increase in parents’ influence since 1991.

This news is especially timely; prom and graduation season (April, May and June) bring a lot of challenges and temptations for teens.

Experts say the first step in talking to your kids about drinking doesn’t involve the kids at all. Instead, it’s about sitting down and asking yourself the tough questions including; “Are we trying to protect our kids from the world, or are trying to give them skills they need to make smart decisions?”

A successful conversation involves implementing an approach called the coaching model – a unique and powerful way for parents to connect with their kids and create the right atmosphere for deeper, more meaningful conversations about alcohol.

Click play below to hear MJ Corcoran, Certified Parent Coach & Educator, explain the coaching model to help teens deal effectively with peer pressure.

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