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About Us

We are proud to have served our customers for more than 109 years, and we want to thank each and every one of them for allowing Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. to be their financial services provider! In 2012, Community Trust served more than 245,000 customers.

Our customers continue to benefit from our community banking model and a safe, sound, and secure haven for their money. Depositors at Community Trust Bank are fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000. In 2012, we opened a new banking location at 3090 Richmond Road in Lexington, Kentucky, growing our banking franchise to 71 banking locations across eastern, northeastern, central, and south central Kentucky, six banking locations in southern West Virginia, four banking locations in northeastern Tennessee, four trust offices across Kentucky, and one trust office in Tennessee, all focused on providing outstanding service to our customers.

Our customers have a full array of financial products and services from which to choose. These services include traditional banking products related to deposits and loans, as well as cash management, brokerage, wealth management, and trust services. We continue to provide market competitive delivery channels and services as the industry continues to take advantage of changes in technology. We expanded beyond ATMs, internet banking, and eStatements in 2012 by providing our customers the additional service of mobile banking. Utilizing advanced encryption technology, mobile banking allows our consumer internet banking customers convenient, safe, and secure access to check their account balances, transfer funds between Community Trust Bank accounts, find Community Trust office locations and ATMs, pay bills, and receive text alerts.

Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. is committed to offering competitive financial products, services, and delivery channels to meet the needs of our customers in a fast-changing technological environment.

We continue to work to ensure that these services are efficient, fast, and secure. As a community bank, we will continue to offer our customers the convenience of branch offices they may visit with friendly staff.

Community Trust Bank FAQ

Q: What is a credit score and how will it affect my application?
A credit score is one of the pieces of information that we'll use to evaluate your application. Financial institutions have been using credit scores to evaluate credit card and auto applications for many years, but only recently have mortgage lenders begun to use credit scoring to assist with their loan decisions.

Q: Will the inquiry about my credit score affect my score?
An abundance of credit inquiries can sometimes affect your credit scores since it may indicate that your use of credit is increasing.

Q: I'm purchasing a home do I need a home inspection AND an appraisal?
Both a home inspection and an appraisal are designed to protect you against potential issues with your new home. Although they have totally different purposes, it makes the most sense to rely on each to help confirm that you've found the perfect home.

Q: If my property's appraised value is more than the purchase price can I use the difference towards my down payment?
Unfortunately, if you are purchasing a home, we'll have to use the lower of the appraised value or the sales price to determine your down payment requirement.

Q: What happens at the loan closing?
The closing will take place at the office of a title company or attorney in your area who will act as our agent. If you are purchasing a new home, the seller may also be at the closing to transfer ownership to you, but in some states, these two events actually happen separately.

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