Picking the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Katherine Rufener

Temperatures are heating up, and that means bathing suit season is here. For many women this means, time to panic, but if you know what style suits your body, you'll look great this summer.

Fashionista and style coach Kathy Friend tells us what styles are best for each body type.

Friend says a one piece, deep 'v" style flatters all body types. She says it's important to always think about the parts of you the swimsuit should highlight, and which you want to disguise.

You have a pear, 'A' shape if you gain weight below your belly button, and have slight shoulders. Friend says if this is you, keep all the color, contrast and detail on the top. This will keep the attention away from your lower half. A higher cut leg opening lengthens your legs, which will making them leaner.

If you carry the most weight up top, bring all the detail to the bottom. Bring attention away from the top part of the body and to the bottom.

If you want a swimsuit detail that will be slimming, Friend says opt for one that has rouching. It will camouflage those areas you aren't comfortable with.

For plus-size women, Friend says a longer tank-ini style is best.

She says the most important tip you should remember when shopping for a swimsuit is that the same rules apply as when you are shopping for street clothes. Find what fits you. Anything that is either too large or too small will be unflattering.

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