Keeping Resolutions

For the first time in a long time, I found myself included in the large number of people trying to take off holiday pounds.

My goal - 8 pounds!! (I know!!)

I was actually eager to take on the challenge - UNTIL I heard this at the gym ...

"Give it a'll clear out."

That's what I overheard a guy in my cycling class whisper to someone else. He said it as my friend and I made our way to a stationary bike for class. It was my very first cycling class in January.

Apparently this guy wasn't crazy about the influx of newcomers to the class - people like me who were either new, trying something new or were just recommitting to better health and fitness.

But as I heard his comment I wondered, “Did he really have to say that out loud??”

Here's the thing: I do work out. But I decided January would be a good time to add a new challenge to my fitness regimen.

Nearly three months later - I'm happy to report that "snickering cyclist" was wrong! Since that first class - I've been reporting at 8:00 every Saturday morning to cycle like crazy for nearly an hour!! And not only has my friend done the same - we've picked up another friend along the way...

His comment made me think about how I treat first timers in other fitness classes. So whenever an instructor asks if there is anyone new - I always clap for them or at least give them a welcoming smile or thumbs up. Not snicker about how they probably won't last.

So just in case - your resolution goals aren't where you wanted them to be right now - this is just a little nudge to remind you - we can do anything we set out to do...despite what others may think.

Okay - I know you're wondering - what about those 8 pounds? Did l lose them? Well - I checked the scale this weekend - Lets say I still have a little ways to go. ( I think it may be the ice cream :) )

But the good news is - I'm not giving up...

Do you have any fitness horror stories ??
I'd love to hear about them -

Until Next Time,


About the Author...
Serese Cole
Serese is no stranger to the Midwest. She was born and raised in Kansas City and after years of moving from state to state - has called Nebraska home the last decade.

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