Top 10 Ways to Save for a Disney World Vacation

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Taking a Disney vacation is on the wish list for many families. But when you look at the price tag, it seems a bit beyond the reach of many. Despite what you may think, making a few changes over the next 6 months could be all you need to start packing for that trip.

Set a goal in time and dollars. Get the whole family involved so that everyone is on the same page, and to keep all eyes on the prize. There are variables when it comes to visiting Disney, so you’ll first need to figure out details such as how you’re going to get there, how many days you plan to be gone, the number of Disney parks you want to visit, accommodations, and plans for meals.

Now, take that total dollar amount and divide it by the number of weeks before your desired travel date. This will give you an idea of the average you need to save per week. Breaking it down into smaller bites gives you something to aim at each week and makes it more attainable. Remember, every little bit helps even if it seems it’s not worth doing.

Consider these 10 tips to make your Disney dreams come true:

  • Cut out one small expense each day. Buying a coffee or snack at work, or while you’re out, costs you a minimum of $1. Multiply that by 5 days a week. In 6 months’ time, you’ve saved $130; or $260 over the course of a year. If you’re spending more than that each day, increase the savings total by that amount.
  • Evaluate your recent tax return, and if you received a big refund, determine why. A large refund means that you sent the government too much money all last year. If you can, carefully consider changing what is being deducted for taxes, and put that money away for vacation instead. This could yield $100 or more a month in your paycheck; or $600 in 6 months, $1200 in a year!
  • Add all unexpected income, like an occasional bonus, or a special gift, to your vacation account. Avoid the temptation to just blow the money on something else, especially if it is small. Every dollar counts!
  • Many products you regularly buy offer coupons, so leverage them on things you’re already spending your money on. Set aside that money after you save, instead of spending it on something else. You can pretty easily pocket an extra $100 a month using our free coupon database. Instead of pocketing the money, add it to your growing your vacation nest egg.
  • Go over all your monthly expenses to see where you can cut. Consider dropping the high cost of cable even if only during the summer months when there’s so much more to do outside. Seriously. Try it for 90 days. You could realize a savings of approximately $300-$400 right there.
  • Plant a garden and grow as much of your own produce items as you can. Or join a produce co-op where you work at a farm in exchange for free produce. Then calculate how much you are saving over buying that fresh produce each week and add it to your vacation money. Even if you only save $5 a week, that $20 a month adds up to $120 in 6 months or $240 in a year!
  • Shop your insurance and set aside the difference. Reducing your insurance payments is a good way to “find” money in your existing budget. If you haven’t shopped insurance in the last few years, you could be in for a savings of $100 or more in 6 months, or $200 in a year.
  • Research repairs and consider doing them yourself before calling (and paying) a professional. The internet is overflowing with videos on how to do everything from fixing a leaky faucet to changing your own oil. Before calling a professional, research and learn how to fix minor problems yourself. Then calculate how much it would have cost you to pay someone – and pay your vacation account instead.
  • Turn a hobby, talent, or special interest into a part-time job from home. There are dozens of money-making opportunities from home these days. You can make money selling photos you’ve taken, crafts you’ve made, even teaching English over the internet. Check out our SavingsAngel blog for ideas we’ve posted and companies you can check out. Then earmark profits from your new venture for your Disney fund.
  • A fantastic and extremely informative source for planning a Disney Vacation is a book written by Lou Mongello. Lou has been a lover of Disney since boyhood and his book, 102 Ways To Save Money For and At Walt Disney World, will provide you with the ins and outs of a trip to Disney like none other. His 200 page comprehensive guide will help you decide what to do before you go, when to go, how to go, what tickets to buy, whether or not to stay at one of the Disney Resorts, where to eat, what to pack or not pack, and so much more!

If you use these suggestions, you really can achieve your goal of a Disney dream vacation. In fact, using our suggested ideas and possible amount totals, you could have a staggering $2000 or more in just 6 months!

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