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A lift without surgery? No lotions or potions, straps or hooks? This As Seen On TV product promises to instantly lift sagging breasts in a second. Well, I am of a certain age where mine aren’t perky, to be honest, I never did have “perky” ones but as I’ve aged, they have taken a turn more south than north.

I have bras that I love, that are comfortable, and didn’t cost a fortune but since they have straps I can’t wear them with my strapless dresses or halter tops. In fact, I choose a lot of my clothing based on if I can wear a bra with them. I do own a couple of strapless bras but I don’t like to wear them because they tend to ride down my body after about 5 minutes and then I end up spending time, trying to without anyone noticing, pull it (and the girls) back up.

So, I was very ready to try these out and see if they work…

I bought mine at Walgreens for $9.99. There’s 10 lifts per box and claim to fit A, B, C and D cups. As usual, I opened the box and checked it out before reading the instructions so I did look at these very skeptically, thinking, it just looks like tape.

So here’s what they are…patented, clear, skin friendly and water-resistant adhesive tapes that lift your breasts from the top, not from the bottom. The directions say you can wear them without a bra, ideal for backless and strapless outfits and since they are water-resistant, for bathing suits too. Or you can use them with your bra for extra lift and support.

There are lines you cut along, depending on what cup size you are. (If you are a D cup or larger, there’s no cutting required.) They do suggest if you’re over a size D, to wear with a bra for added support and comfort. You peel away the bottom half of the BareLift backing and apply the sticky bottom half of it directly above the nipple. (It felt a bit weird at first.) You press and smooth it out to avoid wrinkles and creases. Ok, I pressed, smoothed, and everything else but I couldn’t get it on totally smooth. There were little creases in the tape but they were pretty small and I didn’t think they’d show through my clothes.

You then bend the top half down and peel away the backing. Now, here’s why they say you lift from the top instead of the bottom. It’s because you literally use the sticky top half of the BareLift to pull your breast up to however high you want it (or can get it) and then press and smooth the adhesive against your skin. It didn’t look pretty in the mirror but then, it’s not meant to be worn while you’re naked! And I could totally see an immediate difference between the one I taped up and the one I didn’t.

Now I don’t think my before and after pictures show as much of a difference as the picture on the package but it probably has to do with the material and color of my top. To be honest, I went with a thicker material and black because you don’t have anything covering your areola. So for really sheer or clingy material, you want to keep that in mind.

They are made with a medical-grade adhesive tape which means for most women, it’s skin-friendly. They do note that some women may see redness or irritation. When you’re done wearing them, you simply peel them off. (Which for me, was pain-free and easy.) You shouldn’t use these if you’re breastfeeding or have really sensitive skin.

I did like the effect with my dress though, which I usually wear a bra with but it takes away from the pretty straps of the dress when I do. Here I have one on one side and nothing on the other side. Big difference.

So will I wear these? Yes, with certain dresses I’ve bought in the past and haven’t worn because I felt saggy. They are $10 so per box, so you’ll be spending $2.00 per use, which sounds totally affordable for special occasions when I do need a lift. I kept them on for about 6 hours and the tape held the entire time. I typically wear a C bra and I think these would be perfect for anyone with a C or smaller size chest…not for sure how they would do for those more endowed.

Visit to see the before and after pictures.

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