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Here are some fun activities (that you do together) that your mom might appreciate even more than a present. Time spent with a loved one is about the best present you can give anyone.

While taking mom to a restaurant is nice, it’s one of the busiest days of the year for people dining out so expect crowds and longer waiting times for a table (guests tend to visit longer after meals on days like this). Taking mom out for a nice brunch or dinner is a great idea but if you’re looking for something different to do, here are a few ideas she might appreciate, depending on her physical capability, the weather and what’s available in your area.

  1. Go to the museum of her choice if she enjoys doing that. You could also pick up a little something (if they have a gift shop) that you could give her as a memento of an enjoyable day together.
  2. Take mom for a girl’s day out getting manicures and pedicures. Or spend the day together giving yourselves manis/pedis while you visit.
  3. Play board games with her. If mom has some favorite board games, (or video) why not spend an afternoon playing them with her? You could even buy or make some snacks that you know she enjoys.
  4. Go to church with your mom. If you don’t attend the same church as your mom, she’d probably be delighted to show off her child to her fellow church members. Most of the florists and grocery stores will be selling corsages this weekend so you could also pick one up for her to wear.
  5. Take mom to a local park, botanical garden or nature center (weather permitting). You could pick up some subs or pack a picnic.
  6. Go bowling. You could get the whole family to participate in this or just the two of you. And who cares if you get more gutter balls than strikes…you can laugh about it on the way home.
  7. Enjoy a movie together at the theater or buy or rent some of her favorites and spend time together laughing or crying to some oldies or something new.
  8. Spend the day going down memory lane by looking at old family photos and/or watching old family videos.
  9. Hit a flea market or any garage sales going on that day if your mom has fun doing that.
  10. Take mom to the zoo for the day.
  11. Visit a spa and get facials, massages or your hair done.
  12. If your mom likes to garden but hasn’t had time or the physical ability to get the yard or flower beds ready for summer, spend the afternoon helping her in the garden.
  13. Cook together. If your mom has some “specialty” recipes, you could ask her to show you how to cook them so you can pass the recipes on to your own children. Or if mom likes canning or making jams, you could pick up all the ingredients and make up some batches she can enjoy for weeks to come.
  14. Take mom to her favorite mall or shopping center or to one she’s been wanting to visit.
  15. If your mom doesn’t drive, why not offer to drive her to an old friend’s house for a visit or offer to pick her friend up for a visit at her place.

The point of all these activities is just spending time with your mom. If you’re not for sure what she’d like to do, simply say, “Mom I love you and would enjoy spending time with you. What would YOU like to do?” Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate schedules or you may have your own family that wants to spend the day with you. If so, plan to do it with her at a later date. Even if your family tradition is to have all the family get together for the day, you can make plans to have some special one on one time together at another time. If you have children and your mother enjoys seeing the grandkids, you can do a lot of the activities above that include them. And while you’re having fun with your mom on her special day, you’re also creating memories for the future.

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