Lemon water: An easy and cheap way to feel your best

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Chances are you’ve seen articles about drinking lemon water or know someone who swears by it. I’ve seen it touted as an aid in losing weight and digestion, helping boost your metabolism while protecting you from diseases, to promoting regular bowel movements while helping you look younger.

A lemon can do all that?

Turns out there is truth in those claims. Low in calories, packed with vitamin-C, an excellent source of dietary fiber, just to name a few benefits, lemons are an easy and inexpensive way to help keep you healthy.

Squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon in a glass of water and drink every day. It’s as easy as that. I personally like putting half of the lemon in my glass after I’ve squeezed the juice out or adding a bit of zest. And I prefer my lemon water cold with lots of ice versus warm, but either way, it really can help you look and feel better.

When choosing lemons, look for those that are heavy for their size with thinner skin and fully yellowed. Wrinkling, thick skin, dull, or covered with soft or hard patches means it is overmature and less juicy. I buy bags of lemons since they usually cost less than buying lemons individually.

And ALWAYS wash your lemons before slicing them. Lemons are covered with lots of germs, and just think of how many dirty hands are squeezing them!

Read on for 12 ways drinking lemon water can help you feel your best.


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