Meal Under $10 - Not for Company Crock Pot Chicken


1 can corn (15-16 oz. can)
1 can black beans (15-16 oz. can)
1 jar of salsa, your choice (16 oz.)
1 1.25 oz. package taco seasoning
3 to 4 chicken breasts, frozen or defrosted
1 package cream cheese, softened (8 oz.)

About this Recipe

This is perfect for busy moms or for anyone who wants a delicious, hearty meal that literally takes less than 5 minutes to toss together and is full of flavor. You use frozen chicken breasts, which is great for those days you forgot to defrost something, and cook it in the crock pot so there’s very little hands-on time involved. And there’s so many different ways you can serve this, the leftovers won’t even seem like leftovers. And when it comes to toppings you can add, well, I felt like Bubba Gump as I thought; you can add jalapeno or onion…cilantro or parsley, avocado or bell peppers, cheese, sour cream or additional salsa, etc. This is simply one of the most versatile dishes I’ve made.

I’ve made this chicken dish twice now, once using boneless, skinless chicken breasts and once with bone-in breasts. There’s a significant difference in pricing, depending on sales between the bone-in and boneless breasts. The boneless breasts were obviously easier to shred but after cooking for 8 hours in the crock pot, it was also very simple to pull the bone off and then shred the chicken with the bone-in breasts and only took a couple of extra minutes.


I priced this recipe to serve 4 VERY LARGE servings but it could actually feed 6 to 8 people easily. We had enough left over that we tried out several more ways to dish this up. (And we still had some left.)

Everything I used in this recipe was on sale (I don’t use coupons when pricing because I know not everyone uses them.) I used boneless chicken breasts that were on sale for $1.99 a pound and then bone-in, at 99 cents a pound the second time. The can of corn was 50 cents, beans 79 cents, and the packet of taco seasoning was 25 cents. (This month is a good time to stock up on pantry goods.) The jar of salsa was $1.99 and the cream cheese was also $1.99. Even if you don’t find some of these sale prices, this meal should come in at an affordable price because it really does make more than 4 servings.


Add corn, black beans, salsa, taco seasoning, and chicken to crock pot and cover. Cook on low for 8 hours. Shred chicken and add softened cream cheese. Cook for 30 more minutes and stir well.

Different Ways to Serve

Depending on what you have on-hand, you can pretty this dish up a bit.

The morning after I made this, we tried it for breakfast in a hash-like skillet meal. I fried up some diced potatoes, added the chicken, and topped it with an egg.

You can top a baked potato with the chicken for a quick lunch.

Another way to use up any leftover chicken is to fill up flour tortillas with the chicken mix, add some enchilada sauce and you have some super easy, full-of-flavor enchiladas.